OTP stands for “One time password”.
2FA, stand for "2 factors authentication".

To confirm a transaction or access a website, when a password change is requested, the transmission of confidential codes has proven its worth.

In the context of MFA (Multi-Factors Authentication) processes, the confidential code remains, generally associated with a digital or material or biometric fingerprint.

Text SMS is the most commonly used format. Even if you personalise the sender with your organisation's name, remember to indicate this in the body of the message as well, as some mobile phone operators are not able to implement this functionality.

It is preferable to specify the context of the transmission of the security code: "To validate your purchase/subscription of/to ... in the amount of ...". The date and time of sending may be useful in case of successive or frequent transactions.

How to maximise deliverability
transmissions of confidential codes
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  • Raising awareness the user

Inform the user in an obvious and clear way about the principle involved and the importance of entering the number correctly.

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  • Make reliable the transmission

Validate the format of the user's number, write a clear and concise message that accurately characterises the operation.

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  • Optimise the validation

Specify a maximum lifetime for your message (e.g. 5 minutes).
Use a suitable sending strategy to speed up transmission.

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  • Follow the transaction

Monitor the processing and acknowledgement. Arrange for possible staggered retries.

use cases

First picture showing why to add a financial transaction and a second picture showing the euro sign

Validate a financial transaction

Address a confidential code to authenticate a person during a transaction.

First image showing an example of a second authentication factor and a second image showing the open padlock sign

Securing access to a website

Add a second authentication factor to access a secure area.

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