Voice Message : automated call

Voice Message is an alternative or a complement to the SMS channel. 

It can be used to communicate to both fixed and mobile phones and is more suitable for communicating with the elderly.

Our platform allows you to program a campaign with ease.

The voice message can include an introduction by Interactive Voice Server, allowing the recipient to accept or not to accept the message, as well as to unsubscribe if they wish.

How well
build your voice campaign
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  • Define your objectives

What do you want to achieve? Communicate about a particular offer? Generate traffic in shop? Organise a private event?

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  • Create your message

Import a file, record your own voice via IVR, or vocalise a text via our Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine.

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  • Create a contact list

Which target group do your want to reach in particular? You entire database? The 25-35 year olds? The inhabitants of Île de France?

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  • Analyse your performance

Follow the delivery of your
your campaigns in real time,
thanks to the sending statistics,
number of calls answered, listened to, etc...

Our different

acquisition methods

Logo of a voice message with explanation of the offer voice recording

Voice recording

Record your message through our IVR system or from your browser.

Logo of a sound file with explanation of the sound file import offer

Importing a sound file

Import a sound file that you have previously prepared for this occasion.

Logo of a voice message with explanation of the voice synthesis offer

The voice synthesis

Use our voice synthesis engine (TTS for Text-to-Speech).

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