Sending text messages (SMS)

Text messageis the simplest way of communicating.

For commercial or marketing messages in France, make sure to send your SMS from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 8pm (excluding Sundays and public holidays).

Keep in mind that the best times for a marketing campaign are during lunch break or after 6pm when your target audience is more available and receptive to this type of messages.

How well
build your campaign
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  • Define your goal

What objective(s) do you want to achieve? Communicate on a particular offer? Generate traffic in shop? Organise a private event?

Purple phone with orange conversation logo
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  • Customize your message

The more personalised your message is, the better it will be interpreted by the target! Write a synthetic message to increase its effectiveness.

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  • Create a contact list

Which target group do you want to reach in particular? Your entire database? 25-35 year olds? The inhabitants of the Ile-de-France?

Logo calendar to program your campaign
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  • Schedule your campaign

Improve the effectiveness of your campaign
by scheduling messages to be sent
at the most appropriate times.

Pie chart of sending statistics
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  • Analyse your performances

Track the delivery of your
your campaigns in real time,
thanks to the sending statistics,
acknowledgements of receipt, etc...

Text SMS for marketing use

Defy the cold! 10% EXTRA on coats on sale up to 60% off! See you soon on and in shop. Stop 36000

Elodie, we offer you DELIVERY until 12/02 ! Take advantage of the sales up to 60% off on ! See cond. STOP 36000

Penguins GRAND GAME: Over £100 to be won! Register quickly on! See conditions and rules. STOP 36000

2 ITEMS PURCHASED = 1 FREE! Find the list of products concerned on See cond. STOP 36000

Happy Birthday Jérôme! We have an exclusive offer for you: 10€ on your next order. See cond. STOP 36000

NEW BRAND! Up to 50% off the collection in the shop and on until 12/02. See cond. STOP 36000

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Text SMS for service use

Thank you for your order, we are preparing your order for shipment as soon as possible. We will contact you as soon as it is shipped.

Your package has arrived at ROYER GROCERY, 10 avenue de Lille, PARIS . Present your ID card and this QR Code

Hello Mrs Martin, We will be waiting for you on Thursday 23/01 at 1.45pm at 264 rue de Paris 59000 Lille. Info and cancellation:

Today is the day! Your parcel will be delivered today between 1pm and 2.20pm. Can't make it? Go to before 11am

Hello, Following your request, here is your secret code to access your customer area: 536584. Please remember to change it when you first log in.

Reservation n° 123: MONSITE de Paris has prepared your order. You can collect it during the day.

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