Prevent, alert or secure an action

Whether your need is to remind a client or patient of an appointment, alert your on-call staff of a malfunction, secure a transaction or access a website, we have the solution for you.

With its high deliverability, speed and unrivalled read rate, SMS has proven its worth as a reminder of important information, an emergency alert and a means of transmitting confidential codes.

Your important messages can also be vocalised if a landline number is present.

Our advices

A simple text message is best. Personalise the sender so that your message is quickly understood.

Choose the sending strategy that ensures your message is delivered without delay and via a dedicated instance for urgent notifications, without time restrictions and without being impacted by a massive campaign running at the same time.

Use our SMS API or our "Mail-to-SMS" interface to automate these sendings through your IT system.

In the parameters for sending your requests to the SMSBOX platform, you can :

    Choose the option of vocalization to fixed phones.
    Define the date and time of sending for appointment reminders.
    Set the duration of the message for confidential code transmissions.

Our solutions

Logo of a euro sign with explanation of the offer SMS text

Choose the Text SMS

Efficiently transmit an alert or piece of identification

Voice Message logo with explanation of the Text-to-Speech (TTS) offer.

Choose the Voice message

Use our Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine.


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