Rich Communication Services or RCS

Rich Communication Services, or RCS, is the next generation of SMS. It allows you to make your communications interactive with some multimedia content such as photo, audio and video file sharing, geolocation, call to action, phone calls and even payment.

RCS is ideal for creating discussions with prospects/customers and managing inbound discussion scenarios. Indeed, the goal is to enable better communication and interaction with your target, so you need to be able to respond to the engagement created by the message sent via a chatbot or human resource.

How to
build a successful campaign
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  • DIVERSIFY your media

Explore the infinite possibilities of RCS to create more engaging messages. Integrate images, videos, business cards and other media to captivate your recipients.

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  • INTERACT in real time

With RCS, engage in real-time conversations with your customers. You can see when they type a reply, enabling smoother, more responsive communication.

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  • ENCOURAGE interaction

Use the interactive capabilities of RCS to gather instant responses. Offer response buttons, forms and choice options for fast, accurate feedback.

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  • IMPROVE your brand's visibility

Personalize your RCS messages with your logo and visual identity. Ensure that every interaction reinforces your brand recognition.

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  • MEASURE impact in real time

Track the performance of your RCS campaigns with real-time statistics. Get data on delivery, readership and engagement to adjust your strategy along the way.

Discover RCS, the Communication Revolution !

Explore a new era of communication with Rich Communication Services (RCS), far surpassing the limitations of SMS. Offering an immersive, interactive experience, RCS lets you send messages with text, multimedia files, carousels and much more. This revolutionary evolution lets you create captivating and engaging exchanges, turning every message into a meaningful connection opportunity.

Dive into the RCS Experience, Be a Forerunner

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