Who are we?

Since 2005, SMSBOX has been offering a easy to use and reliable platform to send SMS and voice messages in France and abroad.

Our solutions allow you to create, send and manage transactional SMS (order confirmation, transmission of confidential codes…), service messages (delivery confirmation, appointment reminder…) and marketing or information SMS campaigns.

We have developed many easy-to-use and ergonomic interfaces to access and transmit messages on our platform: website, software, mobile application and various computer connections (HTTPS API, FTPs, SFTP, SMPP, etc.).

SMSBOX who we are

SMSBOX proposes complementary offers for specific verticals (SMSMAIRIE for local authorities and SMSTAB for local shops), We also implement ne communication channels such as:

- voice message delivery on mobile phone answering machines (VMM),  
- WhatsApp for Business, and soon other instant messengers as well as the RCS.

Our mission is to provide our clients with communication tools and to support them in facilitating their customer relationships.


It all started in a garage near Paris in 2005, but not at Mercedes-Benz one.

Olivier, technical director and creator of the SMSBOX platform, is still in there! no wonder, he created it after al.. Don't worry, today, we're able to give him some fresh air!

Barely thirty years old, he still has all the time and passion to make it grow, just like his 2 children and his cooperative activity of bike repair.

From 2011, SMSBOX pursued its lucky star towards the north of France within an e-commerce software publisher group.

Then we entered a phase of growth and increase in our customer base.

Then this is customers’ conquest time with :

Fabrice SMSBOX
Fabrice in support

who is willing to leave is soccer jersey in the cloakroom to help and advise our clients, even those who are supporting other teams!

Stanislas SMSBOX
Stanislas in business development and key account management

who likes to talk to everyone which proved very helpful when he got lost in the Strasbourg trade fair as a child.

Farid in IT development

who has no equal when it comes to patiently explaining his great art to "noobs" and unearthing cutting-edge tools and technology.

Vincent SMSBOX
Vincent in IT development

Graduating on November 17, 2023, he joined our company on October 3, 2022. Since his arrival, he has contributed with dynamism and an innovative perspective, reinforcing our team's collective expertise.

These 11 years in the North part of France region have given us a DNA that fits perfectly with the values of SoftNext, the IT division of the Baelen Group. Which we joined in spring 2022, here are our key values :

- there are no small customers

- let's be quick and relevant, the customer expects... the right answer the first time

- let's anticipate the needs of our clients and the impact of our actions

- trust is earned every day

- let's grow together

We are ready for new adventures with our customers, prospects, suppliers, shareholders, families and friends, thanks to whom every day is a reason to smile and move forward.

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