Improve the customer journey and experience

Whether your customer relationship is physical, digital or hybrid, you want to keep your customers informed of their order or delivery status or files (after-sales service, complaints, assistance, claims)?

The automated information SMS allows you to inform your customers at each stage of your processes.

Our advices

Use our API or our "Mail-to-SMS" interface to inform customers automatically according to your IT procedures.

By personalising the sender of the message with your company name or offer, your message will be more likely to be identified and read.

To ensure that the message is delivered even if your customer does not wish to receive your promotional offers (opt-out SMS marketing), the choice of sending strategy will enable you to avoid blocking lists.

Remember to indicate the order number in your message and to remind the customer of the documents to be produced when collecting the parcel: ID card, credit card, copy of order, etc.

In the event of a delivery or readiness message, possibly provide a response or reminder solution so that the customer can contact you to postpone delivery, for example: use the SMS response.

Our solutions

Logo of a euro sign with explanation of the offer SMS text

Choose the Text SMS

With our tools, set up predefined and personalised messages.

Logo of a euro sign with explanation of the SMS offer Response

Choose the SMS Response

Choose the Response mode to adjust the kinematics according to the client interactions.

Logo of a voice message with an explanation of the Text-to-Speech (TTS) offer.

Choose the Voice message

Use our Text-to-Speech (TTS) engine.


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