Promote an offer or a product

Are you looking to implement a special offer or promote your products and services?

SMS marketing is the answer to your expectations.
With a high open and read rate, it will give you a significant communication advantage over your competitors.

Our advices

Use a text SMS for a simple promotion and drive customer traffic to your store or mobile website.

Create a Rich SMS (an SMS containing a clickable link) for a discount coupon operation with a link that generates a QR code or barcode, or for a more advanced offer, a link to a promotional landing page, or to engage in the purchase funnel, a link to an existing mobile sales site.


  • Personalize your messages: the sender, the content, or both.
  • Send your campaign at the most relevant time using scheduling features.
  • Analyze your post-campaign performance with the statistics module.

Our solutions

Communicate a flash offer, send a message easily.

Choose the Text SMS

With our tools, send an SMS to your target in a few clicks.

Create a game, a contest, collect customer opinions with a form.

Choose the Rich SMS

Innovative mobile communication with high customer engagement.

Communicate an exclusive offer, with a specific code for each contact.

Choose the SMS QR Code

Thanks to the QR code, you will be able to see who has used the promotion.

Interact with your target, communicate more than your text

Choose the RCS

Run interactive campaigns and maximise transformation.

WhatsApp logo, interactive campaign

Choose WhatsApp

Run interactive campaigns and maximise transformation.


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