Collect information from your customers

Are you looking to assess customer satisfaction, enhance your database, or collect documents?

Setting up customer satisfaction surveys or information collection forms via SMS has never been easier!

Our advices

Take the time to clearly define your objectives. Maximize your success by offering a quick and concise survey.


Examples of Net Promoter Score: "On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely are you to recommend our product/service/company to a friend?", or customer ratings from 1 to 5. After receiving the rating, you can optionally ask for an open-ended comment.


Use the SMS Response feature to obtain a simple response from the recipient.


Use the form creation tool available through the SMSBOX web interface to compose a specific questionnaire, or insert a link redirecting to a pre-created and hosted mobile web form.


Utilize your pre-defined and personalized satisfaction survey and document collection templates tailored to your brand.

Our solutions

SMS reply

Choose the SMS Response

Choose the Response mode to receive replies from your recipients

rich sms

Choose the Rich SMS

A clickable link in the text of the SMS redirects to a mobile web form.

example WhatsApp offer with logo

Choose WhatsApp

Information gathering is facilitated by response buttons and conversation.


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