Showing special attention to customers

Do you want to invite your customers to an event or make them feel special in your relationship with them?

Say it in person using a high-value channel: leaving a voice message on their mobile phone voice mail without ringing, also known as a VMM (Voice Mail Message)!

VMMs have proven their effectiveness and productivity for invitations and important messages. They stand out from more conventional channels like email or SMS.

Our advices

You can personalize the sender's phone number for the voice mail message with a geographic or toll-free phone number. This way, recipients can directly call you back to respond, inquire, or take action.


  • Be natural, introduce yourself and your company at the beginning of the message, and avoid any advertising or commercial jingles.
  • We recommend keeping your audio message within 25 seconds to maximize the number of listens.
  • Schedule your campaign over time and adjust the deposit hours and days to be available for incoming calls.

Our solutions

Logo of a voice message with explanation of the offer deposited on the answering machine

Choose the voice mail message

Enhance the value of your clientele with an unusual form of communication.


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