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Send thousands of SMS per minute, on reliable Premium quality routes! Here at SMS Box, we value quality!

  • International coverage
  • « Premium » quality
  • Opt'out (« STOP ») management
  • Grouped, deferred and personalised sending
  • Acknowledgement of receipt (status)
  • Long SMS (concatenation)
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Prices to Brazil
There are restrictions on sending messages to this destination.
from 309 to 616 SMS
350 SMS
is 210 credits
is 210 credits
0,0600 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
21,00 Excl.
from 617 to 1233 SMS
650 SMS
is 390 credits
is 390 credits
0,0568 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
36,89 Excl.
from 1234 to 6166 SMS
1500 SMS
is 900 credits
is 900 credits
0,0543 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
81,49 Excl.
from 6167 to 24666 SMS
6500 SMS
is 3900 credits
is 3900 credits
0,0486 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
316,22 Excl.
from 24667 to 61666 SMS
25000 SMS
is 15000 credits
is 15000 credits
0,0470 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
1175,68 Excl.
from 61667 to 123333 SMS
65000 SMS
is 39000 credits
is 39000 credits
0,0446 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
2898,65 Excl.
from 123334 to 333334 SMS
150000 SMS
is 90000 credits
is 90000 credits
0,0422 €
Excl.VAT / SMS
6324,32 Excl.
+ more than 333334 SMS
Made to measure...
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Packs sold without any commitment to purchase or subscribe. Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Credits purchased can be used for all products and countries covered, except for specific usage restrictions.

Companies or Individuals who can prove that they are domiciled :
• Outside Metropolitan France are exempt from VAT.
• in the French Overseas Departments and Territories are entitled to the reduced VAT rate in force.
• in Metropolitan France are subject to the current VAT rate of 20%.

Please note that our prices do not take into account the costs related to your equipment and your electronic connections and communications necessary for the use of our services, which remain at your charge and under your sole responsibility.

Our differentways of sending SMS

Purple phone with orange conversation logo

Standardsending mode

Standard mode is the easiest way to reach your contacts. Ideal for marketing campaigns, but also for your internal communication, the recipient can unsubscribe by a simple « STOP » to the message received. In Metropolitan France, a short number is displayed as the sender.

The + of Standard SMS

  • « Flash » message
  • Voice message (fixed lines)
  • GSM and Unicode characters

The sender is, depending on the destination, a short, long or generic number. It is therefore advisable to include your identity at the beginning of the message so that it is clearly understood by your recipients.

Purple phone with orange conversation logo and a blue star The mode

Expertsending mode

The Expert mode allows you to personalise the sender of the message, so you can replace the short number with your name or that of your company. As a result, it has a higher read rate. It is perfect for marketing campaigns, appointment reminders, invitations, alerts, ...

The + of Expert SMS

  • Customizable sender
  • « Flash » message
  • Vocalized message (fixed lines)
  • GSM and Unicode characters

In this mode, for marketing use in Metropolitan France, it is necessary to add an unsubscribe option in the body of the message, for example « STOP at 36111 ». In addition, the senders used must be declared and validated beforehand.

Purple phone with orange conversation logo

Responsesending mode

Answer mode is the solution for all those who wish to obtain a response from their correspondent. Transmitted from a shared number, the replies formulated by your recipients are associated with your last message and made available in your account.

The + of SMS Response

  • Receipt of responses
  • GSM and Unicode characters

Validity period: 48 hours following the sending of the message. The reply is charged to the recipient at the price of an SMS to Metropolitan France (excluding any additional costs).

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